Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

Foreword to the Fourth Edition
Translator’s Preface to the Third Edition
Translator’s Preface to the Fourth Edition
- Following A Jurist (taqlid)
Purification (Ṭaharah)
- Unmixed (mutlaq) And Mixed (mudhaf) Water
- 1. Kurr Water
- 2. Qalil Water
- 3. Flowing Water
- 4. Rainwater
- 5. Well Water
- Laws Relating To The Different Types Of Water
- Laws Relating To Emptying The Bowels And The Bladder
- Clearing The Male Urethra Of Urine (istibra)
- Recommended (mustahab) And Disapproved (makruh) Acts When Emptying The Bowels And The Bladder
Impurities (najasat)
- 1. And 2. Urine And Faeces
- 3. Semen
- 4. Corpse
- 5. Blood
- 6. And 7. Dog And Pig
- 8. Disbeliever (kafir)
- 9. Wine
- 10. Sweat Of An Excrement-eating Animal
- Ways Of Establishing Impurity (najasah)
- How A Pure (tahir) Object Becomes Impure (najis)
- Laws Of Impurities (najasat)
Things That Purify An Impure Object (muahhirat)
- 1. Water
- 2. Earth
- 3. The Sun
- 4. Transformation (istialah)
- 5. Change (inqilab)
- 6. Transfer (intiqal)
- 7. Islam
- 8. Subsequence (tabaiyyah)
- 9. Removal Of Intrinsic Impurity (ayn al-najasah)
- 10. Istibra (40) Of An Excrement-eating Animal
- 11. Absence Of A Muslim
- 12. Flowing Out Of Blood [of A Slaughtered Animal] In A Normal Quantity
- Laws Of Utensils
Ablution (wudhu)
- Immersive Ablution (al-wudhu al-irtimasi)
- Recommended Supplication (dua) While Performing Wudhu
- Conditions For The Validity Of Wudhu
- Laws Of Wudhu
- Things For Which One Must Perform Wudhu
- Things That Invalidate Wudhu
- Laws Of Jabirah Wudhu
Obligatory (wajib) Ritual Bathing (ghusl)
Laws Of Ritual Impurity (janabah)
- Things That Are Unlawful (haram) For A Junub
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) For A Junub
- The Ghusl For Janabah
- Sequential Ritual Bathing (al-ghusl Al-tartibi)
- Immersive Ritual Bathing (al-ghusl Al-irtimasi)
- Laws Of Performing Ghusl
Irregular Blood Discharge (istihadhah)
- Laws Of Istiadhah
Menstruation (haydh)
- Laws Of A Woman In Menstruation (ai)
- Categories Of Women In Menstruation
- 1. A Woman With A Habit Of Time And Duration
- 2. A Woman With A Habit Of Time
- 3. A Woman With A Habit Of Duration
- 4. A Woman With A Disordered Habit (mudhtaribah)
- 5. A Menarcheal Woman (mubtadiah)
- 6. A Forgetful Woman (nasiyah)
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Haidh
Lochia (nifas)
The Ghusl For Touching A Corpse (mass Al-mayyit)
The ghusl given to a corpse (mayyit)
- Laws Relating To A Dying Person (muhtadhar)
- Laws Relating To After Death
- The Obligation To Give Ghusl, Shroud (takfin), Pray Over, Camphorate (tani), And Bury (dafn)
- Method Of Performing The Ghusl Given To A Corpse (mayyit)
- Laws Of Shrouding (takfin) A Corpse
- Laws Of Camphorating (tani) A Corpse
- Laws Of The Funeral Prayer (salat al-mayyit)
- Method Of Performing Salat Al-mayyit
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts Of Salat Al-mayyit
- Laws Of Burial (dafn)
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts Of Burial (dafn)
- The Prayer Of Loneliness (alat Al-washah)
- Exhumation Of A Grave
Recommended (mustahab) Ghusls
Dry Ablution (tayammum)
- 1. Not Having Water
- 2. Not Having Access To Water
- 3. Using Water Is Harmful
- 4. Hardship (araj) And Excessive Difficulty (mashaqqah)
- 5. Needing Water To Quench Thirst
- 6. Performing Wuu Or Ghusl Conflicts With Another Legal Responsibility That Is More Important Or Just As Important
- 7. Shortage Of Time
- Things With Which Performing Tayammum Is Valid (sahih)
- Method Of Performing Tayammum In Place Of Wudhu Or Ghusl
- Laws Of Tayammum
Prayer (Salah)
- Prayers
- The Obligatory (wajib) Prayers
- The Obligatory Daily Prayers
- The Time For The Midday (dhuhr) And Afternoon (asr) Prayers
- The Friday Prayer (salat al-jumuah) And Its Laws
- Some Laws Concerning The Friday Prayer
- The Time For The Prayer After Sunset (maghrib) And The Evening (isha) Prayer
- The Time For The Morning (subh) Prayer
- Laws Relating To The Time Of Prayers
- Prayers That Must Be Performed In Order
- Recommended (mustahab) Prayers
- Timings For The Daily Supererogatory (nafilah) Prayers
- The Ghufaylah Prayer
- Rules Of Qibla
- Covering The Body In Prayers
- Conditions Of Clothing Worn By Someone Performing Prayers
- Cases When It Is Not Necessary For The Body And Clothing Of Someone Performing Prayers To Be Pure
- Things That Are Recommended (mustahab) For The Clothing Of Someone Performing Prayers
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) For The Clothing Of Someone Performing Prayers
- The Place Where Prayers Are Performed
- Places Where Performing Prayers Is Recommended (mustahab)
- Places Where Performing Prayers Is Disapproved (makruh)
- Laws Of A Mosque
- The Call To Prayer (adhan) And The Call To Stand For Prayer (iqamah)
- Obligatory Components Of The Prayer
- Intention (niyyah)
- Takbirat Al-ihram
- Standing (qiyam)
- Recitation (qiraah)
- Bowing (ruku)
- Prostrating (sujud)
- Things On Which Sajdah Is Permitted (jaiz)
- Recommended (mustahab) And Disapproved (makruh) Acts Of Sajdah
- Obligatory (wajib) Prostrations Of The Qur'an
- Testifying (tashahhud)
- Salutation (salam)
- Sequence (tartib)
- Close Succession (muwalah)
- Qunut
- Translation Of Prayers
- Supplications After Prayers (taqibat)
- Salawat
- Things That Invalidate (mubtilat) Prayers
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) In Prayers
- Instances Of When It Is Permitted (jaiz) To Break An Obligatory (wajib) Prayer
- Doubts That Arise In Prayers (shakkiyat)
- Doubts That Invalidate Prayers
- Doubts That Must Be Dismissed
- Doubts That Are Valid (sahih)
- Method Of Performing The Precautionary Prayer (alat Al-ihtiyat)
- The Two Prostrations For Inadvertence (sajdata Al-sahw)
- Method Of Performing Sajdata Al-sahw
- Making Up (qadha) A Forgotten Sajdah
- Omitting Or Adding Components Or Conditions Of The Prayer
Prayers Of A Traveller
- Miscellaneous Rulings On The Prayer Of A Traveller
Lapsed (qadha) Prayers
- Lapsed (qadha) Prayers Of A Father That Are Obligatory (wajib) On The Eldest Son
Congregational Prayers (salat Al-jamaah)
- Conditions Of The Imam Of Congregational Prayers
- Rules Of Congregational Prayers
- Duties Of The Imam And The Follower In Congregational Prayers
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) In Congregational Prayers
The Prayer Of Signs (salat Al-ayat)
- Method Of Performing Salat Al-ayat
The Eid Al-fitr (161) And Eid Al-adhha Prayers (162)
Hiring Someone To Perform Prayers (166)
Fasting (Sawm)
- Fasting
- Intention (niyyah)
- Things That Invalidate (mubtilat) A Fast
- Laws Of Things That Invalidate A Fast
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) For A Fasting Person To Do
- Times When It Is Obligatory (wajib) To Both Make Up (qadha) And Give Recompense (kaffarah)
- Recompense (kaffarah) Of A Fast
- Times When It Is Obligatory (wajib) To Only Make Up (qadha) A Fast
- Laws Of A Lapsed (qadha) Fast
- Laws Of Fasting For A Traveller
- Those On Whom Fasting Is Not Obligatory (wajib)
- Ways Of Establishing The First Of The Month
- Unlawful (haram) And Disapproved (makruh) Fasts
- Recommended (mustahab) Fasts
- Times When It Is Recommended (mustahab) For One To Abstain From Things That Invalidate A Fast
Spiritual Retreat (Iʿtikāf)
- Spiritual Retreat (itikaf)
- Conditions For The Validity Of Itikaf
- Leaving The Place Of Itikaf
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Itikaf
The One-Fifth Tax (Khums)
- The One-fifth Tax (khums)
- 1. Surplus Income From Earnings And Gains
- 2. Mined Products
- 3. Treasure Troves
- 4. Lawful Property That Has Become Mixed With Unlawful Property
- 5. Gems Acquired By Underwater Diving
- 6. Spoils Of War
- 7. Land That A Dhimmi Purchases From A Muslim
- Distribution Of Khums
Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil
- Enjoining Good And Forbidding Evil
Alms Tax (Zakat)
- Alms Tax (zakat)
- Conditions For Zakat To Become Obligatory (wajib)
- Zakat Of Wheat, Barley, And Raisins
- The Taxable Limit (niab) For Gold
- The Niab For Silver
- Zakat Of Camels, Cows, And Sheep
- Zakat On Business Goods
- Distribution Of Zakat
- Criteria For Being Entitled (mustaiqq) To Receive Zakat
- Intention (niyyah) For Giving Zakat
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Zakat
The Fitrah Alms Tax (zakat Al-fitrah)
- Distribution Of Zakat Al-fitrah
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Zakat Al-firah
- Hajj (256)
Buying and Selling
- Buying And Selling
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts Of Buying And Selling
- Disapproved (makruh) Transactions
- Unlawful (haram) Transactions
- Conditions Relating To The Seller And The Buyer
- Conditions Relating To The Commodity And The Payment In Exchange
- The Transaction Formula (sighah)
- Buying And Selling Fruit
- Immediate Exchange (naqd) And Credit (nasiah) Transactions
- Prepayment (salaf) Transaction And Its Conditions
- Laws Relating To Prepayment (salaf) Transactions
- Selling Gold And Silver For Gold And Silver
- Cases When A Person Can Annul A Transaction
- Miscellaneous Rulings
Partnership (Shirkah)
- Partnership (shirkah)
- (Sulh)
Hiring/Renting (Ijārah)
- Hiring/renting (ijarah)(274)
- Conditions For Property Given On Rent
- Conditions Relating To The Use Of The Property Which Is Given On Rent
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Hiring/renting
Sleeping Partnership (Mudharabah)
- Sleeping Partnership (mudharabah)
Reward (Juʿālah)
- Reward (jualah)
Sharecropping (Muzaraʿah)
- Sharecropping (muzaraah)
Tree Tending Contract (Musaqah) and Tree Planting Contract (Mugharasah)
- Tree Tending Contract (musaqah) And Tree Planting Contract (mugharasah)
Those Prohibited from Having Disposal over their Property
- Those Prohibited From Having Disposal Over Their Property
Agency (Wikalah)
- Agency (wikalah)
Loan (Qardh)
- Loan (qardh)
Transfer of Debt (Hawalah)
- Transfer Of Debt (hawalah)
Security (Rahn)
- Security (rahn)
Suretyship (dhaman)
- Suretyship (dhaman)
Surety for the Appearance of a Debtor (Kafalah)
- Surety For The Appearance Of A Debtor (kafalah)
Deposit (Wadīʿah) and Trust (Amanah)
- Deposit (wadiah) And Trust (amanah)
Gratuitous Loan (ʿĀriyah)
- Gratuitous Loan (ariyah)
- Marriage
- The Marriage Contract
- Method Of Saying The Marriage Contract Formula (sighah)
- Conditions Of A Marriage Contract
- Situations In Which A Man And A Woman Can Annul The Marriage Contract
- Women With Whom Marriage Is Unlawful (haram)
- Laws Of Permanent Marriage
- laws Of Temporary Marriage (mutah)
- Looking At Non-maram
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Marriage
- Breastfeeding
- Conditions For Breastfeeding To Cause Someone To Become Mahram
- The Etiquettes Of Breastfeeding
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Breastfeeding
- Divorce
- The Prescribed Waiting Period (iddah) Of A Divorce
- The Iddah Of A Woman Whose Husband Has Died
- Irrevocable (bain) And Revocable (rajei) Divorce
- Laws Of Returning To One's Wife
- Khul Divorce
- Mubarah Divorce
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Divorce
Usurpation (Ghasb)
- Usurpation (ghab)
Found Property
- Found Property
Slaughtering and Hunting Animals
- Slaughtering And Hunting Animals
- Method Of Slaughtering An Animal
- Conditions Of Slaughtering An Animal
- Method Of Slaughtering A Camel
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts When Slaughtering An Animal
- Disapproved (makruh) Acts When Slaughtering An Animal
- Laws Relating To Hunting With Weapons
- Hunting With A Hunting Dog
- Fishing And Hunting Locusts
Eating and Drinking
- Eating And Drinking
- Etiquettes Of Eating
- Things That Are Discouraged (mathmum) When Eating
- Etiquettes Of Drinking
- Things That Are Discouraged (mathmum) When Drinking
Vow and Covenant
- Vow (nathr) And Covenant (ahd)
Oath (Qasam)
- Oath (qasam)
Charitable Endowment (Waqf)
- Charitable Endowment (waqf)
Will (Wasiyyah)
- Will (wasiyyah)
Inheritance (Irth)
- Inheritance (irth)
- Inheritance Of The First Group
- Inheritance Of The Second Group
- Inheritance Of The Third Group
- Inheritance Of Husband And Wife
- Miscellaneous Rules Of Inheritance
Appendix 1: Table of Weights, Measures, Values, and Quantities
Appendix 2: Biography of His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Husayni al-Sistani
Appendix 3: List of Updated Rulings
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