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Islamic Laws - 4th Edition


Foreword to the Fourth Edition

Translator’s Preface to the Third Edition

Translator’s Preface to the Fourth Edition


- Following A Jurist (taqlid)

Purification (Ṭaharah)
- Unmixed (mutlaq) And Mixed (mudhaf) Water
- 1. Kurr Water
- 2. Qalil Water
- 3. Flowing Water
- 4. Rainwater
- 5. Well Water
- Laws Relating To The Different Types Of Water
- Laws Relating To Emptying The Bowels And The Bladder
- Clearing The Male Urethra Of Urine (istibra)
- Recommended (mustahab) And Disapproved (makruh) Acts When Emptying The Bowels And The Bladder

Impurities (najasat)
- 1. And 2. Urine And Faeces
- 3. Semen
- 4. Corpse
- 5. Blood
- 6. And 7. Dog And Pig
- 8. Disbeliever (kafir)
- 9. Wine
- 10. Sweat Of An Excrement-eating Animal
- Ways Of Establishing Impurity (najasah)
- How A Pure (tahir) Object Becomes Impure (najis)
- Laws Of Impurities (najasat)

Things That Purify An Impure Object (muahhirat)
- 1. Water
- 2. Earth
- 3. The Sun
- 4. Transformation (istialah)
- 5. Change (inqilab)
- 6. Transfer (intiqal)
- 7. Islam
- 8. Subsequence (tabaiyyah)
- 9. Removal Of Intrinsic Impurity (ayn al-najasah)
- 10. Istibra (40) Of An Excrement-eating Animal
- 11. Absence Of A Muslim
- 12. Flowing Out Of Blood [of A Slaughtered Animal] In A Normal Quantity
- Laws Of Utensils

Ablution (wudhu)
- Immersive Ablution (al-wudhu al-irtimasi)
- Recommended Supplication (dua) While Performing Wudhu
- Conditions For The Validity Of Wudhu
- Laws Of Wudhu
- Things For Which One Must Perform Wudhu
- Things That Invalidate Wudhu
- Laws Of Jabirah Wudhu

Obligatory (wajib) Ritual Bathing (ghusl)

Laws Of Ritual Impurity (janabah)
- Things That Are Unlawful (haram) For A Junub
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) For A Junub
- The Ghusl For Janabah
- Sequential Ritual Bathing (al-ghusl Al-tartibi)
- Immersive Ritual Bathing (al-ghusl Al-irtimasi)
- Laws Of Performing Ghusl

Irregular Blood Discharge (istihadhah)
- Laws Of Istiadhah

Menstruation (haydh)
- Laws Of A Woman In Menstruation (ai)
- Categories Of Women In Menstruation
- 1. A Woman With A Habit Of Time And Duration
- 2. A Woman With A Habit Of Time
- 3. A Woman With A Habit Of Duration
- 4. A Woman With A Disordered Habit (mudhtaribah)
- 5. A Menarcheal Woman (mubtadiah)
- 6. A Forgetful Woman (nasiyah)
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Haidh

Lochia (nifas)

The Ghusl For Touching A Corpse (mass Al-mayyit)

The ghusl given to a corpse (mayyit)
- Laws Relating To A Dying Person (muhtadhar)
- Laws Relating To After Death
- The Obligation To Give Ghusl, Shroud (takfin), Pray Over, Camphorate (tani), And Bury (dafn)
- Method Of Performing The Ghusl Given To A Corpse (mayyit)
- Laws Of Shrouding (takfin) A Corpse
- Laws Of Camphorating (tani) A Corpse
- Laws Of The Funeral Prayer (salat al-mayyit)
- Method Of Performing Salat Al-mayyit
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts Of Salat Al-mayyit
- Laws Of Burial (dafn)
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts Of Burial (dafn)
- The Prayer Of Loneliness (alat Al-washah)
- Exhumation Of A Grave

Recommended (mustahab) Ghusls

Dry Ablution (tayammum)
- 1. Not Having Water
- 2. Not Having Access To Water
- 3. Using Water Is Harmful
- 4. Hardship (araj) And Excessive Difficulty (mashaqqah)
- 5. Needing Water To Quench Thirst
- 6. Performing Wuu Or Ghusl Conflicts With Another Legal Responsibility That Is More Important Or Just As Important
- 7. Shortage Of Time
- Things With Which Performing Tayammum Is Valid (sahih)
- Method Of Performing Tayammum In Place Of Wudhu Or Ghusl
- Laws Of Tayammum

Prayer (Salah)
- Prayers
- The Obligatory (wajib) Prayers
- The Obligatory Daily Prayers
- The Time For The Midday (dhuhr) And Afternoon (asr) Prayers
- The Friday Prayer (salat al-jumuah) And Its Laws
- Some Laws Concerning The Friday Prayer
- The Time For The Prayer After Sunset (maghrib) And The Evening (isha) Prayer
- The Time For The Morning (subh) Prayer
- Laws Relating To The Time Of Prayers
- Prayers That Must Be Performed In Order
- Recommended (mustahab) Prayers
- Timings For The Daily Supererogatory (nafilah) Prayers
- The Ghufaylah Prayer
- Rules Of Qibla
- Covering The Body In Prayers
- Conditions Of Clothing Worn By Someone Performing Prayers
- Cases When It Is Not Necessary For The Body And Clothing Of Someone Performing Prayers To Be Pure
- Things That Are Recommended (mustahab) For The Clothing Of Someone Performing Prayers
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) For The Clothing Of Someone Performing Prayers
- The Place Where Prayers Are Performed
- Places Where Performing Prayers Is Recommended (mustahab)
- Places Where Performing Prayers Is Disapproved (makruh)
- Laws Of A Mosque
- The Call To Prayer (adhan) And The Call To Stand For Prayer (iqamah)
- Obligatory Components Of The Prayer
- Intention (niyyah)
- Takbirat Al-ihram
- Standing (qiyam)
- Recitation (qiraah)
- Bowing (ruku)
- Prostrating (sujud)
- Things On Which Sajdah Is Permitted (jaiz)
- Recommended (mustahab) And Disapproved (makruh) Acts Of Sajdah
- Obligatory (wajib) Prostrations Of The Qur'an
- Testifying (tashahhud)
- Salutation (salam)
- Sequence (tartib)
- Close Succession (muwalah)
- Qunut
- Translation Of Prayers
- Supplications After Prayers (taqibat)
- Salawat
- Things That Invalidate (mubtilat) Prayers
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) In Prayers
- Instances Of When It Is Permitted (jaiz) To Break An Obligatory (wajib) Prayer
- Doubts That Arise In Prayers (shakkiyat)
- Doubts That Invalidate Prayers
- Doubts That Must Be Dismissed
- Doubts That Are Valid (sahih)
- Method Of Performing The Precautionary Prayer (alat Al-ihtiyat)
- The Two Prostrations For Inadvertence (sajdata Al-sahw)
- Method Of Performing Sajdata Al-sahw
- Making Up (qadha) A Forgotten Sajdah
- Omitting Or Adding Components Or Conditions Of The Prayer

Prayers Of A Traveller
- Miscellaneous Rulings On The Prayer Of A Traveller

Lapsed (qadha) Prayers
- Lapsed (qadha) Prayers Of A Father That Are Obligatory (wajib) On The Eldest Son

Congregational Prayers (salat Al-jamaah)
- Conditions Of The Imam Of Congregational Prayers
- Rules Of Congregational Prayers
- Duties Of The Imam And The Follower In Congregational Prayers
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) In Congregational Prayers

The Prayer Of Signs (salat Al-ayat)
- Method Of Performing Salat Al-ayat

The Eid Al-fitr (161) And Eid Al-adhha Prayers (162)

Hiring Someone To Perform Prayers (166)

Fasting (Sawm)
- Fasting
- Intention (niyyah)
- Things That Invalidate (mubtilat) A Fast
- Laws Of Things That Invalidate A Fast
- Things That Are Disapproved (makruh) For A Fasting Person To Do
- Times When It Is Obligatory (wajib) To Both Make Up (qadha) And Give Recompense (kaffarah)
- Recompense (kaffarah) Of A Fast
- Times When It Is Obligatory (wajib) To Only Make Up (qadha) A Fast
- Laws Of A Lapsed (qadha) Fast
- Laws Of Fasting For A Traveller
- Those On Whom Fasting Is Not Obligatory (wajib)
- Ways Of Establishing The First Of The Month
- Unlawful (haram) And Disapproved (makruh) Fasts
- Recommended (mustahab) Fasts
- Times When It Is Recommended (mustahab) For One To Abstain From Things That Invalidate A Fast

Spiritual Retreat (Iʿtikāf)
- Spiritual Retreat (itikaf)
- Conditions For The Validity Of Itikaf
- Leaving The Place Of Itikaf
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Itikaf

The One-Fifth Tax (Khums)
- The One-fifth Tax (khums)
- 1. Surplus Income From Earnings And Gains
- 2. Mined Products
- 3. Treasure Troves
- 4. Lawful Property That Has Become Mixed With Unlawful Property
- 5. Gems Acquired By Underwater Diving
- 6. Spoils Of War
- 7. Land That A Dhimmi Purchases From A Muslim
- Distribution Of Khums

Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil
- Enjoining Good And Forbidding Evil

Alms Tax (Zakat)
- Alms Tax (zakat)
- Conditions For Zakat To Become Obligatory (wajib)
- Zakat Of Wheat, Barley, And Raisins
- The Taxable Limit (niab) For Gold
- The Niab For Silver
- Zakat Of Camels, Cows, And Sheep
- Zakat On Business Goods
- Distribution Of Zakat
- Criteria For Being Entitled (mustaiqq) To Receive Zakat
- Intention (niyyah) For Giving Zakat
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Zakat

The Fitrah Alms Tax (zakat Al-fitrah)
- Distribution Of Zakat Al-fitrah
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Zakat Al-firah

- Hajj (256)

Buying and Selling
- Buying And Selling
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts Of Buying And Selling
- Disapproved (makruh) Transactions
- Unlawful (haram) Transactions
- Conditions Relating To The Seller And The Buyer
- Conditions Relating To The Commodity And The Payment In Exchange
- The Transaction Formula (sighah)
- Buying And Selling Fruit
- Immediate Exchange (naqd) And Credit (nasiah) Transactions
- Prepayment (salaf) Transaction And Its Conditions
- Laws Relating To Prepayment (salaf) Transactions
- Selling Gold And Silver For Gold And Silver
- Cases When A Person Can Annul A Transaction
- Miscellaneous Rulings

Partnership (Shirkah)
- Partnership (shirkah)

- (Sulh)

Hiring/Renting (Ijārah)
- Hiring/renting (ijarah)(274)
- Conditions For Property Given On Rent
- Conditions Relating To The Use Of The Property Which Is Given On Rent
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Hiring/renting

Sleeping Partnership (Mudharabah)
- Sleeping Partnership (mudharabah)

Reward (Juʿālah)
- Reward (jualah)

Sharecropping (Muzaraʿah)
- Sharecropping (muzaraah)

Tree Tending Contract (Musaqah) and Tree Planting Contract (Mugharasah)
- Tree Tending Contract (musaqah) And Tree Planting Contract (mugharasah)

Those Prohibited from Having Disposal over their Property
- Those Prohibited From Having Disposal Over Their Property

Agency (Wikalah)
- Agency (wikalah)

Loan (Qardh)
- Loan (qardh)

Transfer of Debt (Hawalah)
- Transfer Of Debt (hawalah)

Security (Rahn)
- Security (rahn)

Suretyship (dhaman)
- Suretyship (dhaman)

Surety for the Appearance of a Debtor (Kafalah)
- Surety For The Appearance Of A Debtor (kafalah)

Deposit (Wadīʿah) and Trust (Amanah)
- Deposit (wadiah) And Trust (amanah)

Gratuitous Loan (ʿĀriyah)
- Gratuitous Loan (ariyah)

- Marriage
- The Marriage Contract
- Method Of Saying The Marriage Contract Formula (sighah)
- Conditions Of A Marriage Contract
- Situations In Which A Man And A Woman Can Annul The Marriage Contract
- Women With Whom Marriage Is Unlawful (haram)
- Laws Of Permanent Marriage
- laws Of Temporary Marriage (mutah)
- Looking At Non-maram
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Marriage

- Breastfeeding
- Conditions For Breastfeeding To Cause Someone To Become Mahram
- The Etiquettes Of Breastfeeding
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Breastfeeding

- Divorce
- The Prescribed Waiting Period (iddah) Of A Divorce
- The Iddah Of A Woman Whose Husband Has Died
- Irrevocable (bain) And Revocable (rajei) Divorce
- Laws Of Returning To One's Wife
- Khul Divorce
- Mubarah Divorce
- Miscellaneous Rulings On Divorce

Usurpation (Ghasb)
- Usurpation (ghab)

Found Property
- Found Property

Slaughtering and Hunting Animals
- Slaughtering And Hunting Animals
- Method Of Slaughtering An Animal
- Conditions Of Slaughtering An Animal
- Method Of Slaughtering A Camel
- Recommended (mustahab) Acts When Slaughtering An Animal
- Disapproved (makruh) Acts When Slaughtering An Animal
- Laws Relating To Hunting With Weapons
- Hunting With A Hunting Dog
- Fishing And Hunting Locusts

Eating and Drinking
- Eating And Drinking
- Etiquettes Of Eating
- Things That Are Discouraged (mathmum) When Eating
- Etiquettes Of Drinking
- Things That Are Discouraged (mathmum) When Drinking

Vow and Covenant
- Vow (nathr) And Covenant (ahd)

Oath (Qasam)
- Oath (qasam)

Charitable Endowment (Waqf)
- Charitable Endowment (waqf)

Will (Wasiyyah)
- Will (wasiyyah)

Inheritance (Irth)
- Inheritance (irth)
- Inheritance Of The First Group
- Inheritance Of The Second Group
- Inheritance Of The Third Group
- Inheritance Of Husband And Wife
- Miscellaneous Rules Of Inheritance


Appendix 1: Table of Weights, Measures, Values, and Quantities

Appendix 2: Biography of His Eminence al-Sayyid Ali al-Husayni al-Sistani

Appendix 3: List of Updated Rulings

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