Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

Hajj & 'Umrah Made Easy

- Licence

Types of pilgrimage
- The pilgrimage (hajj)
- Hajj at-Tamattu
- Umrah at-Tamattu
- Ihram
- Recommendations before putting on the ihram
- Obligations of ihram
- Rules of ihram
- Things forbidden in ihram
- Common mistake in ihram
- Tawaf
- Conditions of tawaf
- Obligations of tawaf
- Rules of tawaf
- Common mistake in tawaf
- Salat (Prayer) of tawaf
- Method of salat (Prayer) of tawaf
- Rules of salat (Prayer) of tawaf
- Common mistake in salat (Prayer) of tawaf
- Sa'i
- Rules of Sa'i
- Common mistake in Sa'i
- Taqsir
- Rules of Taqsir
- Common mistake in Taqsir

Hajj at-Tamattu‘
- Hajj at-Tamattu‘
- Ihram of Hajj
- Common mistake in Ihram of Hajj
- Staying in arafat
- recommendations of arafat
- Common mistakes while staying in arafat
- Staying in muzdalifa
- Rules of staying in muzdalifa
- Common mistakes while staying in muzdalifa
- Stoning the Uqbah pillar
- Rules of stoning the Uqbah pillar
- Common mistakes in stoning
- sacrifice in mina
- Rules of sacrifice
- Common mistakes in making the sacrifice
- Halq or Taqsir
- Rules of Halq or Taqsir
- Common mistakes in doing Halq or Taqsir
- Tawaf of Hajj
- Salat (prayer) of Tawaf of Hajj
- Sa'i
- Tawafun nisa’ & its salat
- Rules of Tawafun nisa’
- Common mistakes in Tawafun nisa’ & its salat
- Spending the night in Mina
- Rules of mabit in Mina
- Common mistakes in mabit in Mina
- Stoning the three pillars
- Rules of stoning the pillars
- Common mistakes in stoning the pillars

Rules for Lady Pilgrims
- Rules for Lady Pilgrims

- Doing Hajj on Behalf of Others (Niyabat)

‘Umrah Mufradah
- Introduction
- Rituals of Umrah Mufradah
- Rules of Umrah Mufradah

- Miscellaneous