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The general guidances for the visitors of Abi Abdullah Al-Hussain (a.s) on the fourteenth occasion for the year 1439H issued by Imam Ali (a.s) Foundation - London, The liaison office of His Eminence Ayatullah Al-Udhma Al-Sayyid Al-Seestani (may Allah protect him)

In a supplication of Imam Abi Abdullah Al-Sadiq for Al_Husain's visitors (Peace be upon Him.)

(Oh Allah, our enemies have looked down at the visitors for coming out but that did not forbid them from getting ready and directing themselves towards us contrary to them. so have mercy on the faces that have been changed by the sun.)

The believers now have spent the days of Muharem Al-Haraam, enjoying the pleasant smell of Al-Hussain's occasion and tens of millions of the believers in various parts of the world had benefited from the religious guidances and the religious instructions under the mimbars al-Hussai (May Allah bless Him), they have also benefitted from the increase of their loyalty and adherence to his line in participating in his ceremony of mourning and processions and these are not the last blessings of Imam Al-Hussain (Peace be upon Him.)

The great number of people who have participated in his mimbars and his ceremony of mourning are getting ready these days for visiting him rushing the far distances aiming for visiting him on feet on this occasion as if the world was witnessing a congregation in Kerballa and it would be in the valley of al-Hussain.

May Allah bless these steps and peace upon the soul of the one who has been behind them and their rise.

on this great occasion, it is worth to refer to a number of points which the majority of visitors are aware of but advising each other of goodness is the characteristics of the believers.

1-The intention: This visit is a worship by its intention and its acceptance by the Almighty depends on the visitor's intention and for this Allah's compensation for the visitors differ accordingly- May Allah gives you the best share of it … the strength of faithfulness to Allah and to gain from him what He has in this way is what makes your visit in the highest grade …. so our walk the long distances must not be boastful in front of others or to talk to those who stayed behind or to support this group or against that group, and here the visitors must always remember the sacrifices of the martyr Imam Al-Hussain and remember his calls: (is there any supporter), and his presence and in this frame, the visitor must reflect in all circumstances the sacrifices of Imam Al-Hussain, the martyr and remember his call: (Is there a supporter) and considers his walk a response to his call.

Despite the high honour of the head of the martyrs Allah holds for him by which He responses to Imam's visitors calls, the visit must not be for trading or bartering- I visit the Imam on feet for Allah to answer my need and if I knew that my need would not be answered I would not have come!

2-The believers who love visiting the head of martyrs (peace be upon Him) must embody the values of Kerballa in the best way by praying in the right time and visiting women must walk with modesty and respect and follow the step of Zainb, the heroine of Kerballa in her full veil and her dignity and show good morality and high level of characters and full cooperation with those who are responsible about the organisation and the administration of conveniences and protect food that is provided by the generous Iraqis and distribute it in a good way, far away from waste and extravagance, Allah said (Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour

3-Adher to the religious Marji'yats' actions in the honoured city of Najaf and others in overseeing the march of millions by sending hundred of scholars and orators for guiding people and spread the religious knowledge and jurisprudence and planting the moral values in the mind of AhluBait followers- by being in touch with them whenever they are found, and this year is different from previous ones by further preparation for more idealogical jurisprudence givings qualitatively and in quantitively in accordance with Allah's instructions: Nor should the Believers all go forth together: if a contingent from every expedition remained behind, they could devote themselves to studies in religion, and admonish the people when they return to them,- that thus they (may learn) to guard themselves (against evil).

4-The visitors have to adhere to the rituals approved by the known ulna of the Hussaini cermonies that have been inherited among the Shia Imami from generation to another throughout history and forbade creating certain practices that are not harmonious and unsuitable to the greatness of this occasion and hey have named these practices by the blessed Hussaini movement in order to remain high, unspoiled and affective to the souls and minds in their form and purposes.

5-Concentrating on the unity of word. al-Jum'a orators and representatives of the High Marji'ya and all well-known scholars all had stressed the importance of the unity of word and it must be above the internal differences because the Muslim Uma in general and uhluAl-Bait followers ( peace be upon them) particularly are passing through hard conditions and dangerous dubious conspiracies force them to give attention to their priorities and aims without indulging in string different opinions, which are dominant all times and societies, particularly during the remembrance of Ashura. During these days, it is the duty of all Muslims to plant Al_Hussain values and cementing them in the souls of the future generations for whom Imam Hussain, the head of martyrs, (peace be uponhim and the chosen company of supporters and Beni Hashim, had sacrificed their finances and themselves in obedience for Allah's oder, (And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and His say, And obey Allah and His Messenger. and fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart.

6-It is worth mentioning, and we are at the time of Imam Hussain, the head of martyrs, his household members and his companions (peace be upon them) visit, to remember with them those who follow their steps, the fighters at this time from our brothers and the students of al-Hawza in the battle fronts who consider the land more expensive than their bloods and stood fast for the defence of it, dignity and the sacred places. They have proved definitely that they are Al-Hussain's supporters (Peace be upon Him). those men, Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah. of them some have completed their vow (to the extreme), and some (still) wait: but they have never changed (their determination) in the least: We have to remember and pray for their safety and victory, and remember our martyrs and ask for their forgiveness and visit those who are wounded and support the martyrs' families. Their rights on us are great and whatever we do we can not compensate them for their action. May Allah compensate them for Islam and his prophet and the members of his household the best compensation.

7-Our brothers, the followers of Hussain in these blessed days and at all occasions seize the opportunity to cement the religious, jurisprudence and believing knowledge, and plant the high values and ideals without engaging society with partial differences in some areas because the judicial and jurisprudence disagreement must not be a reason for defamation and slandering for the believer, let alone insulting the heads of the sects and the scholars of the teaching circles and scholars of al-Mimbar al-Hussaini- speakers and orators who have spent their lives and time to spread Imam Hussain's message.

8- The visitor to Ibi Abullah Al-Hussain ( peace be upon Him) his day during visit must not end without any serious influence. His visit must not be without some benefits. He must keep an eye on his behaviour after the visit. Has it changed and influenced his behaviour, actions and attitudes to his family and social levels to the better?

Every visitor must always direct to himself lest he should not be one of those whom Imam Ali has described; ( How many fasters have gained nothing from their fasting except hunger and thirst and how many worshippers have achieved nothing from their worship except sleeplessness and tiredness.

and peace on `Hussain and on Ali , Hussain's son and the sons of Hussain and his companions, and Allah's pity and blessings.

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