Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

The guidance for orators and mubaligheen on the advent of the month of Muharram 1438
Issued by Imam Ali (a.s) Foundation - London, The liaison office of His Eminence Ayatullah Al-Udhma Al-Sayyid Al-Seestani (may Allah protect him)

(And peace be on Mohammad and his pure progeny)
"So regarding religious ceremonies with the high respect reflects the hearts' devoutness."

Ashura Month is approaching and we remember through it the greatest movement that had been lead by reformists in the field of society development, the awaking of the will of the nations and the restoration of circumstances. It is the blessed Hussaini Movement and to maintain this movement throws at our shoulders- we, the followers of Imam Al-Hussain, Ali's son (Peace be upon Him)- a great responsibility, the responsibility of preserving the continuity of this movement and strengthening its consequences and influences on the souls and hearts, and no Hussaini follower is without a sort of responsibility regardless to his position- a religious scholar, an educated individual or a specialist in one of the various fields of materialistic and human sciences. Every one of us has to shoulder the responsibility of preserving this blessed Hussaini uprising through the improvement of oneself, his family and the people around him and educating the individuals of his society by raising awareness of this uprising and the greatness of this Hussaini project. However, orators bear the great duty because they represent the case and the project of Ashura uprising to the media. Therefore, we need to stop for awhile and ask: Is ( Al-Hussaini Manber- the orator/ the speaker and his place during the ceremony) able to represent and and perform this task in compliance to the needs of the time and the rising requirements of the modern age for achieving the Hussaini's uprising blessed effects in the hearts and the souls. Based on this point we have to state some of the instructions and advice for any one who wants to take the credit and be a lecturer at the Hussaini ceremony.

1-The variety of the subjects to be tackled because society is in need for spiritual, educational and historical matters and this require for the orator/ lecturer to be well educated and prepared to have various subjects in many different fields which cover the needs of the attenders and others.

2-The orator/ lecturer must be well educated and a good pursuer of the issues of his age and this means he is able to realise and be aware of the ideological doubts arising in every sect and be able to read the changing behaviours in every society and at all times the believers come through because pursuing the new ideas, educational issues and behaviours would encourage people eager to attend the (Hussaini Manber) peace be upon him) as the the ceremony becomes alive and influential on them.

3-The orator/ lecturer must be very vigilant in selecting the Quranic verses and relating the honest narrations from authentic references and mentioning the historical agreed on events because without verifying the sources of the narrations or the stated stories may arise doubts about the effect of the authenticity of (Al-Hussaini Manber) in the minds of the attenders.

4-(Al-Hussaini Manber) must arise aloft dreams and untrue narrations which would defame its dignity, and would make it look as a cheap propaganda that is not compatible with the listeners' minds and their educational levels.

5-The good preparation means the orator/ lecturer has to be very vigilant and careful about the issues he talks about as preparation of the subject, its classification and dealing with it clearly in good style with the careful choice of attractive vocabulary for the attenders is very vital. and if the orator/ lecturer spends good effort on preparing, classifying and exposing the issue in eloquent and attractive method this would help the listeners to react to the (Al-Hussaini Manber.)

6-Ahlulbait's heritage (Peace be upon them) is great and excellent but the orator's/ lecturer's skill and his creativity is clearly manifested in his choice of the texts and the traditions that form an attraction for all peoples regardless to their origins, religions, ideologies, in guidance with Uhlilbait's stress:( If people know the goodness of our language, they would have followed us.) The eloquence of their language is in their heritage that focuses on the human values which attract people from of different religions and various backgrounds.

7- Talking about the common well-known social problems and providing successful solutions to them. It is unlikely acceptable for the orator/ lecturer to focus on exposing the issue only because exposing the issue of family collapse or its disintegration, for example, or the gap between the new generation and the older one or the divorce problem and other problems would allow fruitless discussions without the involvement of (Al-Hussain Manber) in a positive way, and , therefore, it is hoped that the orators/ lecturers of the Al-Hussaini Manber) consult those who are experts in social and educational fields such as psychologist and sociologists for assigning the right useful solutions for the social problems because dealing with the issue in this method would transfer (Al- Hussaini Manber from the state of stagnancy to a state of leadership in the improvement of societies and setting them right.

8-(Al-Hussaini Manber) must be elevated higher than dealing with unsettled Shii issues regardless to their types because engaging in these issues would force (Al-Hussaini Manber) to favour one side on the other or cause a social chaos or may cause division among the believers while the (Manber) is a banner for the word unity and a symbol for Al-Hussain's light that gathers and attracts all those whom Hussain (peace be upon him) is their favourite who leads them to be on one path with active cooperation.

9-To give attention to common jurisprudence issues in the field of religious observances and the daily business relations by exposing and dealing with them in a charming plain style that makes the listener feel that (Al-Hussaini Manber) takes care of his/ her reality and various issues.

10-To stress the importance of Al-Marji'ya and scholarly Hawza and the scholarly base that is beneath the strength of the Twelfthers Sect (Imami) and the sign of its greatness and the pride of its essence and structure.

We ask Allah the Exalted, the Blessed, for the happy outcome for all serving the Head of Martyrs (peace be upon him) and to make us distinguished by the intercession of Hussain (peace be upon him) in this world and the at the Day of Resurrection.

Thank is due to the Lord of the Worlds and prayers and peace be on our Master Mohammad and his pure progeny.