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Allama Sayyid Murtdha Al-Kashmiri denounces Arab and International media outlets and social networking sites and others for their description of IS as ‘criminals and outlaws’

In his interview with the Iraqi Community Voice (IC News), he was asked as to why these criminals perpetrate crimes against innocent men, women and children in such a savage, revolting and abhorrent way, particularly beheadings by the sword, burning, rape and other inhumane methods? He said:

First of all, it’s not surprising that international and Arab media in particular describe this group (IS) as outlaws devoid of human values. This is in spite of our reminding them more than once not to associate this group with the religion of mercy, love and tolerance. Such an association is in itself an unforgivable crime. We therefore emphasize to you and to all world media outlets our rejection and condemnation of these criminals murderers and blood-suckers who, through their actions, achieve the goals of their masters who colonized them and bought their conscience with money to serve their interests and intentions in distorting the name of Islam and Muslims and to say to those who wish to embrace Islam; look this is Islam, killing, beheading, burning, injury, rape and enslavement and other matters unmentioned in history.

As for their use of the sword to perpetrate the crime, they want to say to the world that this is the sword Mohammad slaughtered the sons of humanity when he began his call to Islam and so his followers today are using the same approach. Whereas we see today’s laws call for humane treatment of condemned criminals on death-row by sedating them first not by the methods used [by IS].

If we look back on the battles fought at the beginning of Islam and afterwards, we see they were in self-defense and in defense of Muslim sanctities. The prophet and his vicegerent and others did not go into battle unless it was started against them. This is the prophet of humanity, described by the holy Qur’an as ((..kind and merciful)) Holy Qur’an 9:128.

His companions described him as “merciful among themselves”. We see him feeling pain during the incident at Khaybar, when Bilal led the Jewish women through the bodies of their dead men. The women were screaming and howling. The prophet (s.a.w.w.) was shaken by this sight and he said to Bilal “have you no more mercy in your heart?”

So where are the media outlets of today from portraying such noble attitudes, depicted to us in the history of the prophet and his household, companions and those who follow his path?

While we thank the Al-Azhar and others for their fatwas, however, it comes much too late. It would have been more appropriate for this fatwa ‘corruption on earth’ to have been issued at the very beginning of their [IS] movement, when peacemakers and those concerned with the interests of Islam and Muslims called for a stand against the IS to stop their crimes. But unfortunately their words fell on deaf ears. Now the disease has spread dangerously and the cure is all that more difficult to find.

We ask the Almighty for the victory of Islam and Muslims and support for the protectors of the religion. ((….if you support (the cause of) Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet.)) Holy Qur’an 47:7