Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.


Dear Brothers

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuh

In response to the feedback we received from Hujjatul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Sayyid Mohammmad Redha as-Seestani (may Allah protect him); medical aid including medicines, medical equipment and ambulances have been sent to Najaf where they will be distributed to other Iraqi towns. In conjunction with “The World Federation” the first consignment of aid has reached Kuwait en route to Iraq. The second consignment will reach Iraq next week. The Office of His Eminence in Qum has also sent a number of trucks loaded with different types of aid such as food and medicine to Iraq and was immediately distributed among the needy people.

His Eminence Ayatullah Seestani (long may he live) has thanked the doctors and advisers in London for their support and their readiness to go to Iraq to treat the sick and wounded. His Eminence (long may he live) also greatly values the fact that such professionals have put themselves on standby for his instructions to go to Iraq at short notice – praying for their success in both worlds.

Momineen all over the world have been constantly asking our offices about ways of assisting the Iraqi people and requesting bank account numbers in their respective countries so that everyone can have easy access to make financial contributions. Several reliable charitable organizations listed below have been kind enough to provide us with their account numbers to coordinate the sending of financial contributions through them and the main account in London.

We also urge all Momineen, if they can, to send their contributions/assistance directly to the required destination Iraq in order to save time...and whatever good you send before for yourselves, you shall find it with Allah. Surely Allah sees what you do (2:110)

Lastly we ask the Almighty to grant everyone success in both worlds

1. Main account - London:

All cheques must be made payable to "The World Federation" and clearly marked (on the back) for “Iraq Relief”

Barclays Bank Plc. 355 Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 2AN
ACCOUNT Number: 60991937 - Sort code: 20-37-16

2. Account in USA:

Make your cheques payable to “Humanitarian Help for Iraq” Or to IMGF clearly marking it for “Iraqi Relief Fund” and send it to the following address:

1761- C West Romneya Dr. Anaheim , CA 92801 USA

3. Nuremberg - Germany

All cheques must be made payable to "Islamische Begegnungss?tte"

Islamische Begegnungss?tte e.v Kopernikusplatz . 12
90459 Nürnberg – Germany
Tel: 00499114314603 - 004491795219445
Stadtsparkasse Nürnberg
Konto N V: 4121552 - BLZ: 76050101

4. Al fourat Institute - Holland

All cheques must be made payable to " Al fourat "

Post Bank – Almere, Stichting Eufraat, Number: 6793490

5. Scandinavian countries: Ahlul Bait Association, Imam Ali (a.s.) Mosque

All cheques must be made payable to " Ahlul Bait Association"

Danske Bank 4160 4160034416

3 Rabiul - Awwal 1424
5 May 2003