Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

Visit of his eminence Al-Sayyid Murtada Al-Kashmiri to Al-Ayn's London Office

In preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, Al-Sayyid Murtada Al-Kashmiri, the Representative of Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani in Europe visited Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation’s office in London on Monday 11 March.
During his visit, Al-Sayyid Al-Kashmiri started with the holy verse, “Tell ˹them, O Prophet˺, “Do as you will. Your deeds will be observed by Allah, His Messenger, and the believers. And you will be returned to the Knower of the seen and unseen, then He will inform you of what you used to do.” (9:105)
Al-Sayyid Al-Kashmiri spoke to the Al-Ayn team about the significance of promoting the cause for orphaned children in Ramadan and educating supporters on how important it is to support those who are orphaned and less fortunate.
He mentioned that the month of Ramadan is a month of worship and work when the rewards for any act of good are multiplied.
He referenced the Holy Prophet (SAWW)’s last sermon before the month of Ramadan, where he advised Muslims to care for orphaned children. He continued to mention that Islam has placed a great importance on looking after orphaned children, noting that the greatest creation of Allah, Prophet Mohammed SAWW was an orphaned child himself, “Did He not find you as an orphan then sheltered you?” (93:6).
He also reminded the team of the narration from Prophet Mohammed SAWW who said “he who sponsors an orphan, and takes care of his sustenance, then he and I will be like these two in paradise”, and then joined his middle and index fingers to signify how close they would be.
He concluded by thanking the team of Al-Ayn for the work they do in supporting orphaned children and congratulated them on their efforts. He noted that Al-Ayn works under the support and blessings of the Grand Marja’a Al-Sayyed Al-Sistani, and is a source of pride for all believers.
His eminence also prayed for the success of Al-Ayn's Ramadan campaign, aiming to support more than 100,000 children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Ghana and provide them with crucial services
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