Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

Arbaeen Hussaini (a.s) signifies the feast of miracles in the present day age.
Message of the Representative of the Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani for Europe “ Hojetul-ul- Islam Wal- Muslimeen Syed Marajis Kashmiri at the culmination of Arbaeen Hussaini (a.s).

Speaking at the Culmination of Arbaeen Hussaini Hojetul- ul- Islam Wal- Muslimeen Syed Marajis Kashmiri in his message to the mega multitudinous pilgrimages who started the Arbaeen walk from Najf-e-Ashraf symbolizes the triumph of the devotions and sublime adorations. This year witnessed the rapturous gathering of devotees signifies the patience, humbleness and spirituality which can be cited as the aptness examples of morals and significant divine attributions which stands unparalleled up to the current point of time so far.
Such dedicated gatherings are definitely unique in their abstractness which reflects the devotional unionism with Hazrat imam Hussain (a.s).
This is undoubtedly the super miracle which attracts millions of people every year for Karbala Arbaeen with the great opulence of enthusiasm , relish and gusto that too in the simmering heat. It epitomized the pureness of devotional connectivity of Iraqi people with faith, their relishing hospitality serving everything for free shows love tokens .
This journey’s period compounds to 20 days , and it’s worthy to see how Iraqi hospitality goes on the formidable essence of devotion. Providing food, clothes , shelter and other amenities totally free surcharges the heart to combat against the evil eyes .
This incredible activity is enough to see the rendezvous point love and strength Allah the Almighty has bestowed upon the hearts of the believers of imam Hussain (a.s) as the tradition says that our last Prophet has said “ Surely , there exists in the hearts of the believers with respect to the martyrdom of imam Hussain (a.s) a heart which shall never subsidies ,,
The way our Lord Allah has as the permanent symbol of tawheed “ monotheism” a centre for be upon him and his progeny” has said that Karbala is the centre of mentioned about al-Bayt al-Haram worship and dignify in the same way the messenger of Allah “Peace love it's raptures to yield the brimming aspects of knowledge.
As the hearts are exposed to the love of Kaaba the same is Karbala which sets hearts at restlessness to visit from all parts of the globe .
The post has depicted the love in his poetic style “ Performing the Hajj by visiting the place Pilgrimages encircled themselves therein Yet , I put on the robes in the delicate valley Encircled myself to the abode of Hussain (a.s) Who was slaughtered who was martyred Behold my eyes and mark the vast sea of tears are rolling down Aren't my tears the zum zum you talked about You are asking about Hajr e Aswad See the exalted Zaria of Imam Hussain.
The Harm of Hazrat Muhammad imam Hussain (a.s) is the centre point of visitation to the land of Karbala The threshold of immamat has now emerged as the centrality of pilgrimage of imam Hussain (a.s) the lessons manifold in the diverse in the land of Karbala. The life of the Ahl al- Bayt (a.s) is thus the ultimate source of salvation. Ayatollah urged about the need of seeking pilgrimage on the appropriate occasions to be bestowed.

In addition to this , the blissful characters of Karbala have been written on the Karbala land with the blood of martyrs which resulted inti the great pathos of enthusiastic sacrifice and truthfulness which has become the saga and repeated itself in the era of world and mankind .
This blessed land was attacked many times by the rulers of the past times, but the progeny of our last Prophet (peace be upon them) always emphasized the importance and necessity of pilgrimage so that Karbala and Hussaininity are transmitted from generation to generation of the Hussaini followers and this great center and axis of guidance remains bright. . Now, the effect of Ziyarat Arbaeen is clearly to strengthen faith, strengthen beliefs, motivate and resolute, give right direction to emotions, exaltation of self, firmness, unity and brotherhood, so that the believers are to be attracted towards lofty ideals and values and to keep alive the memory of Imam Hussain (a’s.) and Ahl al- Bayt and his Companions.
Sternly unparalleled to this revolutionary gathering in the era of globalization , we have seen how the Qatar regime spends billions of dollars amid their gigantic efforts to make World Cup event in the Persian golf a success one , despite they saved their every wealth for its triumph but entertained just 5 million.
However, in the Karbala the Arbaeen event turned into a miracle the amount spent in the event is much more than Qatar government could manage to spent despite sacrificing their budget for their main goal of world cup sizzling and glamour.
Every year we witnesses an increasing number of pilgrims in millions come from yonder and off to visit this blessed land. This year this number has reached 2 crore 20 lakh. And this is an example of God's favor on Imam Hussain (as.) and the land of Karbala, which is shown by the reception of this large number of pilgrims and the blessings of different aspects.
Notably, this year’s the pilgrimage witnessed the diversity of personalities which ragged from intellectual, cultural , literary and political . Not only this but it witnessed rapturous flows of people emerging from Islamic and non Islamic schools of thoughts.
Thus Karbala serves as the cradle of hearts in different religions , it was declared the huge horizons of streaming of thoughts.
We are relied on the hopes that the master of souls Allah accepts the Arbaeen pilgrimage and the yearnings of the believers and their opulences of faith and development of the world and the hereafter shall come from the house of Almighty Allah.
Indeed he the supreme listener and knower.