Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

The statement Imam Ali Foundation in London in the occasion of holy Muharram 1445

“Salutations to you O’ Aba Abdulla! I bear witness that God has perfumed by you the earth, clarified by you the book, increased with you the reward, and has made you, your father, your grandfather, your brother, and your children a lesson for the people of intellect. Oh the son of the virtuous blessed people, the reciters of the book. I have addressed my salutations to you, may God’s prayers and salutations be onto you.”

The month of holy Muharram 1445 has arrived with the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (a.s), his household, and companions. It is the memory of the greatest event that represents the oppression of the household of the prophet in the Umma despite them being the chosen close family, the peer of the Quran, and the will of the prophet. They were removed from their positions that God has placed them in, and they were prevented from leading the Umma. Rather, they have been oppressed and killed due to them not agreeing to oppression, falsehood, and wrongdoing, and for their called for justice, truth, and proper conduct.

This memory represents the extent of the sacrifice of Ahlulbayt in the way of God and elevation of his word, and for calling for the principles of wisdom, proper conduct, and justice. These are the objectives for sending the prophets as God said: “We sent aforetime our messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong), that people may stand forth in justice“. The Imams of guidance has called for commemorating this memory by gatherings of mourning, and by remembering the calamities that occurred to them to be a lesson and a tear for the believers. Therefore, it is fitting for the believers to care for these gatherings, attend them, and be sad in their days of sadness to follow their will, and to apply God’s order for displaying affection to them, since this is good for their affairs in this world and the next.

Therefore, we emphasize the attendance in these gatherings since it has a great effect especially for your youngsters and sons. We want the child to attend these gatherings, live this environment wearing black to support the cause of Ahlulbayt. Let the parents make their children feel that these are days of sadness for Imam Husayn. This is what must be done to deliver his message to the world which is that we are ready for sacrifice to uphold the religion, the rituals, and the values held by the companions of Imam Husayn and his household. This is since the issue of Husayn is the issue of Islam, and the principles that he sacrificed for are the principles of the message of the prophet. All the slogans of Imam Husayn, his movement, and revolution prove this matter especially his first statement: ““I’m not rising [against Yazid] as an insolent, or an arrogant or a mischief monger or as a tyrant. I have risen [against him] as I seek to reform the ummah [community] of my grandfather [Prophet Muhammad]. I wish to bid the good [amr bil-ma’ruf] and forbid the evil [nahy’ ‘anil-munkar], and to follow the way of my grandfather and father [Imam Ali b. Abi Talib].” “ He has risen for reform, to defend the oppressed, and to uphold the way of the master of prophets. By upholding this way, truth is upheld. Therefore, his call is the call of Islam. It was not a personal quarrel between Husayn and Yazid, or between the clans of Hashim and Ummaya. Instead, it was a clash of truth and falsehood, good and bad, faith and infidelity, and it continues to this day. The forces of evils still continue to try to control people, steal their resources, corrupt their beliefs, and their pure nature that God has made them into. Therefore, it is apt for us not to waste what Islam has provided to us: “He has instituted the [same] religion for you [Muslims] as He recommended for Noah, and which We have inspired in you and recommended for Abraham, Moses and Jesus: "Maintain religion and do not stir up any divisions within it. “

The family today faces destabilizing and negative influences due to the focused media broadcast in many countries that aims at propagating an exaggerated version of women’s rights in a manner that is opposed to Islamic rulings. As a result, many wives are embroiled in intense disagreements with their husbands due to them asking for legal rights that are not consistent with Islamic shari’a. On the other hand, some husbands suffer from rigidity and a stubborn insistence on their own comfort at the expense of their wives’ comfort, and subjecting their wives to insults and humiliation which creates animosity and prepares the ground for separation. This causes the marital relationship to crumble under the slightest disagreement over taste or work arrangements. In addition, emotional divorce has become a clear phenomenon in the society. All of this places a greater responsibility on the shoulders of the preachers to explain the rights of the spouses according with Islamic Shari’a, and to point that the marital life is not a strict work-like life, instead is it is a partnership and cooperation built on mercy, love, and forgetting the slips and mistakes, with the aim of raising righteous generations. There is no perfect life, and their no complete happiness. In addition, preserving the emotional, scholastic, and religious future of the children requires a stable and tranquil life.

In addition, it is not a secret that the young generations are experiencing brainwashing and their ears and eyes are filled with a culture opposed to the Islamic thought, through schools, where the education in some countries focuses on explaining the sexual relationship in full details from an early age and stressing that its practice is a natural right for the male and the female, defending the phenomenon of deviance as a natural human condition, and encouraging kids to ignore the culture of the parents and to rebel against the family. They reach them through social media, Disney films or other deviance-supporting companies, or through e-friends who are not known except through letters and digits and who propagate their intellectual and behavioral poisons against all religious and moral guardrails. All of this requires a clear response from the preachers to explain the elements of fruitful religious upbringing, to caution the parents on the dangers threatening the future of the kids, to motivate the parents to spend quality time with their kids by establishing a close relationship between the mom and her daughter, and the father and his son. The only way to convince the kids of the correct concepts is the calm and frequent dialogue that is supported with examples. The prophet has said: “Order your kids to pray when they are seven, and separate them in beds when they are ten”.

We shall not forget what the honor of muslim woman is facing. The phenomenon of relegating the hijab, and displaying bodily adornment has become commonplace in various societies under the pretext of personal freedom and claiming that there is no explicit evidence from the Quran regarding hijab, or the assertion that hijab place heavy restrictions on a working woman who aspires to a professional career. This underscores the importance of the pulpit for advocating the importance of honor and decency rather than displaying outward bodily beauty. Also, the preacher can stress that it is vital to protect the woman from being a displayed product for every person who has unclean temptations or mental illness, and to mention that hijab is a symbol of Islamic civilization especially in western societies and is an indicator for the strength personality and honor (and honor is to God, to his prophet, and to the believers).

It is incumbent upon the parents to motivate their children not to take the matter of Imamah and Wilayah lightly. It is a central pillar of religion. In the authentic narration: ““Islam is built on five things: prayer, ritual charity (zakat), fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca, and Wilayah … And Wilayah is the best because it is their key, and the Wali is the guide to them” and he said “Nothing has been called upon like Wilayah on the day of Ghadir”. The prophet has said: (teach your kids three things: the love of your prophet, the love of his household, and reading the Quran). The Imam said (Who finds the cool of our love in his heart, then let him thank God for the first of bounties. They said: what is the first of bounties? He said: the purity of his birth).

Finally, we, young and old, men and women, should focus on the Quran since it is the message of God to all people, and it is the scale that weighs truth and falsehood. God has revealed it as guidance, reminder, and a clarification to people. It is a blessed and wise reminder. The aim of the life of Ahulbayt and their sacrifice has been to apply its instructions. Therefore, Quran needs to be at the forefront of our preaching, and everything must be under its flag.
Therefore, we see that Husayn, his companions, and household spent the night of the tenth of Muharram reading the Quran, and their collective sound in their prostrations and kneeling was like that of buzzing bees.

We ask God to allow us to commemorate this memory according to what Ahlulbayt used to commemorate.

Salam on Husayn, on Ali son of Husayn, the children of Husayn, and the companions of Husayn.