Liaison office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Al Sistani (L.M.H.L) in London, Europe, North and South America.

The representative of Marja’iah in Europe meets Islamic speakers and preachers in the UK, congratulates them with the blessed Eid Ghadir, and says:
The message that you carry is the prophet’s message which is to call for reform, to oppose oppression and corruption, so be at the level of your responsibility.
He also condemned the desecration of the holy Quran by the some of the ignoramuses of our time and the enemies of Islam under the pretext of freedom of expression.

His speech was in the run-up to the month of holy Muharram and the Husayni gatherings across the world. He met a group of speakers and preachers in the UK and he called upon them: You are the only voice that communicates with the believers. The pulpit is a distinguished channel for delivering Islamic concepts like exegeting the Quran and the narrations of Ahlulbayt, explaining Islamic rulings, the proper moral stances, explaining the shining biography of the Imams of Ahlulbayt, expounding on the events of Karbala and what happened to Imam Husayn, his household and his companions. Nevertheless, it is appropriate for the honorable preachers not to limit their sermons to the aforementioned topics, instead they need to tackle the emergent issues that pertain to the society, in particular:

1-    The family: The family faces destabilizing and negative influences due to the focused media broadcast in many countries that aims at propagating an exaggerated version of women’s rights in a manner that is opposed to Islamic rulings. As a result, many wives are embroiled in intense disagreements with their husbands due to them asking for legal rights that are not consistent with Islamic shari’a. On the other hand, some husbands suffer from rigidity and a stubborn insistence on their own comfort at the expense of their wives’ comfort, and subjecting their wives to insults and humiliation which creates animosity and prepares the ground for separation. This causes the marital relationship to crumble under the slightest disagreement over taste or work arrangements. In addition, emotional divorce has become a clear phenomenon in the society. All of this places a greater responsibility on the shoulders of the preachers to explain the rights of the spouses according with Islamic Shari’a, and to point that the marital life is not a strict work-like life, instead is it is a partnership and cooperation built on mercy, love, and forgetting the slips and mistakes, with the aim of raising righteous generations. There is no perfect life, and their no complete happiness. In addition, preserving the emotional, scholastic, and religious future of the children requires a stable and tranquil life.
2-    Upbringing: It is not a secret that the young generations are experiencing brainwashing and their ears and eyes are filled with a culture opposed to the Islamic thought, through schools, where the education in some countries focuses on explaining the sexual relationship in full details from an early age and stressing that its practice is a natural right for the male and the female, defending the phenomenon of deviance as a natural human condition, and encouraging kids to ignore the culture of the parents and to rebel against the family. They reach them through social media, Disney films or other deviance-supporting companies, or through e-friends who are not known except through letters and digits and who propagate their intellectual and behavioral poisons against all religious and moral guardrails. All of this requires a clear response from the preachers to explain the elements of fruitful religious upbringing, to caution the parents on the dangers threatening the future of the kids, to motivate the parents to spend quality time with their kids by establishing a close relationship between the mom and her daughter, and the father and his son. The only way to convince the kids of the correct concepts is the calm and frequent dialogue that is supported with examples. The prophet has said: “Order your kids to pray when they are seven, and separate them in beds when they are ten”.
3-    The honor of the Muslim girl: The phenomenon of relegating the hijab, and displaying bodily adornment has become commonplace in various societies under the pretext of personal freedom and claiming that there is no explicit evidence from the Quran regarding hijab, or the assertion that hijab place heavy restrictions on a working woman who aspires to a professional career. This underscores the importance of the pulpit for advocating the importance of honor and decency rather than displaying outward bodily beauty. Also, the preacher can stress that it is vital to protect the woman from being a displayed product for every person who has unclean temptations or mental illness, and to mention that hijab is a symbol of Islamic civilization especially in western societies and is an indicator for the strength personality and honor (and honor is to God, to his prophet, and to the believers). Finally, this should be accompanied by explaining the hijab verses and the narrations from the prophet and his household.
4-    Since we are in the days of the Eid of Wilayah (Eid Ghadir), we must emphasize the role of the Wilayeah to counter whoever belittles the value of Wilayah. The honorable preachers need to motivate the parents to care about teaching their kids the value of Wilayeh and its importance more than caring about their livelihood. Belief in Wilayah is the pillar of religion. In the authentic narration: “Islam is built on five things: prayer, ritual charity (zakat), fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca, and Wilayah … And Wilayah is the best because it is their key, and the Wali is the guide to them” and he said “Nothing has been called upon like Wilayah on the day of Ghadir”. The prophet has said: (teach your kids three things: the love of your prophet, the love of his household, and reading the Quran). The Imam said (Who finds the cool of our love in his heart, then let him thank God for the first of bounties. They said: what is the first of bounties? He said: the purity of his birth).
5-    We shall not forget the desecration of the holy Quran these days by the hand of an enemy of Islam with no shame while the world is watching under the pretext of freedom of expression. This has prompted Islamic countries and their people to condemn this atrocious act which insulted the conscious of two billion Muslims across the globe. At the forefront of this effort has been the Marja’iah in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf who sent a letter to the United Nation to ask them to push for the enactment of laws that prevent such irresponsible attacks on heavenly books, and to criminalize whoever desecrates sacred religious items. Therefore, the Islamic speakers organization in western countries condemns this in the strongest terms.
“Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it).”

Finally, we ask God to guide us to the straight path and to inspire the speakers and preachers in holy Muharram to speak what he likes, he is the all-hearing and the all-responsive.