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Ayatullah Syed Ali Hussaini Seestani Relief Assistance Report For Earthquake in Northern Pakistan

Implemented under the guidance and supervision of his Vakeel
Agha Shaikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi

Report by

Syed Irtiza Hassan Rizvi
Fatimia Trust (Regd.) Muzaffarabd – Azad Kashmir

Date: 8 October 2005
Origin Time: 03:50:40 UTC (09:20:40 IST)
Latitude: 34.432 N (3)
Longitude: 73.537 E (3)
Depth: 20.0 kms (3)
Magnitude: Mw 7.6 (HRV), 7.3 (3); MS 7.7 (3); Mb 6.8 (3); ME 7.4 (3).

A strong earthquake measuring 7.6 on the HRV hit northern part of Pakistan on 8th October 2005. This calamity left in its wake, thousands of men, women and children dead, and hundred of thousands injured.
Strong after shocks is being experienced till a week after the Initial shock was felt.
A vast population scattered over large hilly tract of N.W.F.P. and Azad Kashmir has been rendered homeless.
The people are forced to spend cold nights of north under open skies, without food or shelter.
A powerful earthquake struck the Indo-Pakistan border on the morning of 8 October 2005. It had a magnitude of 7.6 and was felt severely in Pakistan, northern India and eastern Afghanistan. This is one of the strongest earthquakes in this general area since a M7.6 in 1555. The earthquake resulted in several thousand deaths in northern Pakistan and adjoining parts of Jammu & Kashmir. Total population of Muzaffarabd is 509219 total 385 villages.

After Earthquake:
From around the world individuals, organizations and Governments started sending their relief to the effective areas. Shia community also started sending there contribution from different sources, Markazi Imam Bargah was central point in first few days there was “Mahshar” and everybody was thinking for himself or his family.
After few days The only Shia Institution “FATIMIA TRUST (Regd.) starts managing these activities.
Alhamduliah Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seestani was the only Marjeh who responded to the community, and send his relief to Muzaffarabd and Bagh through his highly respected Wakeel Agha Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi.
Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi himself deputed his son Ali Hassnain Yusuf Ali Nafsi to visit Muzaffarabd and Bagh to observe the actual need of the area in the mean time he himself ordered 532 High Quality Large tent Which still popular and demand by the people.
Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi join his son and visited Bagh and Muzaffarabd and stayed there, he himself monitored the Whole relief activities which includes:

Cash Assistance to other Institutions:
Husaini Relief:
10 lac Rupees Through Mehfil-e-Murtuza and Khoja Jamaat.
Mohammad Ali Foundation:
6 lac Rupees through Moulana Husnain Gardaizi.
Al-Kausar University
5 lac Rupees through Shaikh Mohsin Najafi for Mansehra

Supply of Tents to big families in different areas:
Bela Noor shah
Ghori Syedan
Miani Bandi
Lower koot
Deomail Syedan
Muzaffarbad City
Sandooq Syedan
Shoukat lines
Lower plate
Bandi saman
Khun Bandway
Imam Bargah
Bour muzafar shah
Komi kout
Maidan syedan

Help to restart Educational Institute includes:
Azad Kashmir University
Government Post Graduate girls College
Scholars College
Sky link School
Al-Mustufa School Kardala
Model Public School
Al-Siddique Model School
Isamic Public School
Primary School Makri
Tech Era College
Oxford Model School
Fine College Langar pura
AB Cenia College

Help to restart religious Activities in Tent Mosque:
Parsacha Mosque
Bandi Kareem Bala Mosque
Bandi Kareem Paeen Mosque
Imam Bargah Mosque
Atrasi Mosque
Charaya Mosque
Charakpura Mosque
And other Mosques

Establishment of Tent villages
Help to accommodate people in Tent village, for this purpose FOUR
Seestani Tent villages” established in which more than 1000 people are living.

1. Kucha Syedan 445 people
2. Khat pura 195 people
3. Miani Bandi 162 people
4. Bela noor shah about 204 people
Total 1006 people

All requirements of tent colonies fulfilled by Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi.
Food for six month
Water Supply
Combined Kitchens
Blankets etc.

Supply of GI Shelters
With the help of Anjuman-e-Al-e-Imran Lahore 1200 GI sheets delivered to the most needy areas.

Food Supply.
With the help of Anjuman-e-Aal-e-Imran Lahore , food was supplied to 886 people initially in different areas. and then 5000 families supplies have been started to fulfil the need of Neelum valley. Cost of this Food will be more than Rs. 6 million.

Mosque construction
A model Mosque has been constructed in the biggest shia populated village Kardala syedan cost of this mosque is about 3, 00, 000. Twenve (12) Mosques will be constructing in first phase than other thirty (30) Mosques will be planed in second phase.

School Project
A Shia School Al Mustufaa of Kardala was completely demolished, 34 students died in this incident. Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi took the whole responsibility of this School. Initially this School is starting in Tent, monthly Expenses Rs. 30.000 was committed and first instalment was paid to the School owner Zakir Subzwari.

Strengthening Fatimia Trust (Regd.)
Fatimia Trust (Regd.) is running A Women Howzah (Fatimia College of Islamic Sciences) in Muzaffarabd with 30 Hostel girls, during the period of 4 years FT proved remarkable achievement with the help of 12 member team.
Fatimia Trust constructed two mosques, held many female Educational Workshop, and one Boys workshop in Muzaffarabad and Kotli. Arranged female and male mubaligheen for different areas in Moharram, Ramadan and summer vacations.
Fatimia Need enough financial support to perform his duties in professional manner Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi promised to provide 6,00,000 to Strengthen Fatimia Trust.

Future Planning
After a deep observation Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi Decided to start a scientific work in this Area, we warmly welcome him and promised fully support to complete agreed projects according to his instructions.

Agreed Project
First Phase:
_ A highly professional School in Kardala.
_ 12 Mosques
_ Makatib for Basic Islamic Education
_ Mubaligheen
_ Widow Support Program

An initial proposal for future activities is attached. With this report.
I want to thanks all honest, sincere and hard workers specially Mr. Mufti Kefayat, Moulana saeedi, Ali Hassnain Nafsi, Moulana Muntazari, Moulana Yasir Subzwari, Moulana Saqib Hamdani, Brother Aamir, Zulfiqar and Syed Haiderali Naqvi..
If they all were not in Muzaffarabd we couldn’t do as we did.
Iltemas Duaa and was-salaam

(Syed Irtiza Hassan Rizvi)

Monday, November 28, 2005