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Question to the Office of His Eminence Sayyid Ali Husayni Sistani and its Response concerning the medical staff that dealing with the Corona virus

In The Name of Allah The All-Merciful The Beneficent

The office of His eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayed Ali Al-Sistani (may Allah prolong his life)

Assalamu 'alykum wa rahmat'llahi wa barakatuhu

It is no secret that regular people, medical staff including nurses, doctors and volunteers in hospitals and medical centers are placing themselves in harms way as they help those who are or may be inflicted with the Corona virus. What words does the marji'eyyah have for them?
Please benefit us.

In The Name of Allah The All-Merciful The Beneficent

The responsibility of treating, caring for and helping the ill is wajib kifa'ie (obligatory on some of the population not all) upon those who are qualified to do so, including physicians, nursing staff, and others. However, it is the responsibility of the authorities concerned to provide them all that they need to protect themselves from the dangers of contracting the illness, and their is no excuse for their failure or delay in doing so.

There is no doubt that the work that is being done by these dear individuals, despite all the challenges they face, is great work and their effort that is priceless, it may be as close in importance as fighting side by side in the trenches with the heroes defending one's homeland and its people. It is certain that Allah Almighty appreciates their efforts in this world and will reward them for it in the hereafter. In fact, we plead with Allah for those who have sacrificed their lives in this path both the reward and the status of a martyr on the Day of Judgement. And we [the marje'], thank them greatly and express our highest appreciation for their humanitarian work and ask Allah The Lofty The All-capable to protect them and keep away from them all ill. Surely, He is The All-Hearing and most able to answer[our dua'].

The Office of Ayatullah Sayed Al-Sistani
The Holy City of Najaf
21 Rajab, 1441